Handheld Surveying Software

Let Us Manage Your Surveying Projects

If you have won a survey project tender but do not have the resources to manage your surveyors, let us do the hard work for you.

Surveyor Management Service for Surveying Projects

We can manage and training your surveyors, ensuring that they collect consistent data to the very highest standards.

There is a range of benefits when adopting mobile working with a handheld system based on phones and tablets.

Win More Tenders

When you are a surveying practice or contractor using a handheld system you will be able to submit more cost effective tenders, demonstrating the quality of data collected, and the ability to offer professional reports without the effort required by your competitors.

Most tenders now stipulate electronic data capture - and we offer the most affordable system available.

Increased Productivity

On-site surveying is much more efficient, with little or no errors, and consistent results. Plus, since all information is recorded on-site there is no need for any additional clerical work back at the office.

Our customers on average are to be able to do more than twice as many surveys per week using leading-edge mobile technology.

Recoup Your Investment Quickly

Because our systems are affordable, a few weeks of a typical surveying project will more than pay for your initial investment. Furthermore, ongoing costs are extremely low and can be matched the size of your active surveying team.

Surveyor Satisfaction

No one goes back to using paper-based data collection!

Surveying teams love mobile working because it is so easy, and they can concentrate on the task of surveying rather than needless admin and construction of reports and spreadsheets.

Customised Solution Within A Week

Our off-the-shelf survey systems are installed in minutes and can be used immediately. However, if you need customisation or help with your initial set-up this can normally be achieved with a week.

Produce Professional Reports

Since all the data from your surveying team is collated into your desktop database a soon as you surveyors have collected it, you simply click a button within the software to generate your reports, pivot tables or Excel exports.

We also offer a custom report service that enables you to have a report in any format to match your exact customer or in-house requirements.

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Let Us Manage Your Surveying Projects