Handheld Surveying Software

Handheld Survey Software & Data Collection

Handheld Survey Software & Data Collection

Our questionnaire software suite has a survey design component for desktop PCs and a questionnaire data collection module for handheld devices such as the Husky, Casio, Toshiba, Samsung or any mobile device, running Android or Windows. Survey design and data collection in one integrated solution!

We supplement our questionnaire software with full user training, technical support and consultancy if needed. For many clients, we offer a full questionnaire design service and customised data analysis software solutions.

Mobile Data Capture

Systems for data collection & data capture by mobile workers working in industries such as: surveying, property management, housing management, asset management, construction, education, healthcare - in fact any industry with a off-site mobile data collection requirement.

Although we at Handheld Systems Ltd are based in the UK, our handheld survey software systems are purchased by companies world-wide.

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Handheld Survey Software & Data Collection