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Mobile Surveying Solutions

Mobile Surveying Solutions

Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency

Asset Data Collection  

Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency

FM Asset Surveys  
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Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency

FM Asset Surveys
Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency

Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency

Many contract documents such as 'bills of quantities', 'bill of materials', 'work instructions', 'maintenance instructions' are hand written on site and then typed up at the office.

This is inefficient. With our survey design and data capture software suite you can eliminate expensive re-keying for ever! It is the proven alternative and leads to reduced labour costs and held you manage increased work loads. Simply collect data on your hand-held computer and link back to an MS Access database in the office for your final analysis.

Contract documentation

Our software suite can generate all your contract documentation such as 'bills of quantities', 'contract administration instructions', 'practical completion certificates', 'valuations', 'interim payment certificates', 'extension of time certificates' and 'final completion certificates'.

Integrate the data collected on site with information at the office via your Access data base and you have the complete financial monitoring system.

Eliminate desk work

Eliminate your deskwork and administration leaving you time for essential site supervision.

Learn How To Collect Data NOT Paper!

Take a look at some of our videos and how some of our ready-made surveys work on Android mobiles & Surface tablets, at our YouTube video channel.

If you want an online demonstration of our systems, please get in touch and we can show you the whole end-to-end system on your own desktop screen over the Internet.

Download PS Mobile for FREE from the App Store to try over 30 ready-to-go professional surveying templates. No login in required, just download and start experimenting.

Surveying Practices

Are you looking for sophisticated building survey templates ready for you to use, with survey reports can be branded to meet the exact needs of your customers?

Try this App designed for the small footprint of a smart phone and tablets. You do not need expensive iPads, you can use smart phones that will literally fit in your pocket.

Building Surveyors

Do you want to start with an off-the-peg survey that is ready and branded for your for next day delivery?

Do you want survey reports with integrated and fully referenced photographs?

The look no further just try some real mobile builing surveys templates NOW by clicking the button below.

Be smart...
"Collect Data NOT Paper!"

Handheld Computers Lead to Increased Efficiency